About Us

The Sustainability Science Lab at Melbourne is an applied research group led by Dr Sebastian Thomas. We investigate human-nature interactions, and develop strategic pathways to sustainable futures through innovation and learning. Group members are PhD candidates and Master’s students from Australia and around the world, with a common interest in applying theoretical insights and practical approaches to addressing real-world problems.

We have advanced expertise in technical and qualitative disciplines, and use structured interdisciplinary approaches in applied research projects. We help organisations and communities to improve their environments, develop sustainability innovations, build new livelihoods, attract international finance, and become more resilient.

Contact us to inquire about consultancy advice, applied research, and graduate supervision.


Our Mission

Is to help build empowered communities that thrive in their natural environments.

We help create prosperous, resilient futures by understanding human-nature interactions and learning new approaches to transition.

Research focus

We work in the fields of climate change adaptation and resilience, the blue economy, educational innovation, and environmental science.

Lab members come from diverse backgrounds in disciplines including ecology, economics, engineering, political studies, sociology and management. We apply systems thinking approaches to understand the complex dynamics of interactions between humans and the natural world, and work with communities and organisations to explore vulnerability, resilience, strategic innovation, transitions, and sustainable governance.