gender studies

Beyond Gender: Understanding Equity in Forest Governance through Intersectionality Perspective

This project aims to investigate the gender equity aspects in forest governance and understand the different factors influencing women’s participation through an intersectionality lens. The goal is to provide a more nuanced analysis of women’s inclusion or exclusion in forest governance through an understanding of how gender intersects with other social identities (beyond gender).

This study is particularly interested in Kalibiru Community Forest under Social Forestry (SF) scheme, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, because it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations since 2015 and a recent research reported an increase in the incomes of local community as a positive implication of the project.

The research will investigate if the benefits are also received by vulnerable groups in the community including women and explore the social factors potentially influencing women's participation.

This Master of Environment project is being undertaken by Randi Miranda in 2017-2018