PhD project opportunities (Australian candidates)

Three PhD projects are available for qualified students to commence in 2020. Applications are due by 31 October 2019 so please be quick if you are interested! 

Indigenous mapping and economic innovations for a changing climate (CSIRO and UoM)

This is a collaborative mapping project with Indigenous peoples to adapt and innovate GIS technologies. By conveying the multiple values of country in GIS, 3D and participatory maps, people can identify the potential for future economies under a changing climate, based on managing land and sea for Indigenous wellbeing. The PhD student will be co-supervised by UoM and CSIRO. You will need GIS skills and ideally some social research abilities. There is a generous stipend top-up and budget for operating costs.

Reducing unexplained variance in energy forecasting (CSIRO and UoM)

Working with CSIRO’s Energy division, this project will involve making sense of consumer energy data (and data more generally) that can help the sector understand emerging drivers of distributed energy resources (DER) uptake. The PhD student will help understand influences on household energy use and consumption and other aspects of data, data utility, and social impact of data utility. Stipend top up and operating costs included.

Renewable Energy Research Investment Partnership (UoM)

There is an opportunity for a PhD candidate to join this 4-year interdisciplinary project, examining technical, regulatory, commercial, and social aspects of Victoria’s investment in distributed renewable energy systems and community-owned renewable energy projects. The project is flexible according to the student’s skills and interests. Funding is available to support research costs. Ideally you will have specific social science skills and an understanding of the energy system and markets.

If you are interested in commencing a PhD in 2020 and have completed (or will complete by the end of 2019) a relevant undergraduate Honours degree or Master’s with a research component of at least 25 points, please contact Dr Sebastian Thomas as soon as possible (

All project applications are due by 31 October 2019.