Building a typology of best practice Social Impact Assessment: a study of community-based agreement-making in the resource sector

Oliver Hill

This research focused on developing resource sector Social Impact Assessment (SIA) by studying leading examples of community based agreement making. The work aims to develop better practices in SIA and increase understanding of community needs prior to development, leading to a more equitable sharing of benefits.

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Modelling a renewable and energy independent community in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland

Isobel Graham

Australia’s electricity system is fossil fuel reliant and highly centralised, making it vulnerable to shocks. The community of Tamborine Mountain in South East Queensland has experienced the inherent vulnerability of a centralised system through extended outages as a result of weather and maintenance events. This study addresses Tamborine Mountain’s potential transition to a more secure and independent net positive renewable energy system, in two separate but linked studies.

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Livelihood pathways through community-scale renewable energy in West Java, Indonesia

Widia Lestari

This research identifies the characteristics of organisational leadership for sustainable development at the community level in Indonesia. It investigates how local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) engage with and mobilise communities, and what issues arise as a result of different leadership modalities interacting with larger governance systems and processes.